The Elligo Patient Registry Consent

The Elligo Patient Registry enables people like you to contribute to health knowledge by participating in clinical research.

It’s important that you fully understand what you’ll experience as a Elligo Patient Registry participant. You’ll review the Informed Consent Form and learn about:

  • What to expect if you join
  • How we’ll protect your privacy
  • How data sharing works


You are being asked to participate in a patient registry that is a community of volunteers interested in contributing to clinical research. The data collected in this registry will be used to assess if you are a candidate for future research studies with Elligo Health Research. The registry is open to individuals in the United States who are 18 or older.

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, please reach out to us at

What will happen if I join?

You’ll get opportunities to:

  • Participate in clinical research. Note that all research will require additional consent.
  • Learn about your own health
  • Learn about important new findings in the study

Participation is voluntary

Note that Elligo Patient Registry is voluntary; you can choose if, what, and when to get involved and can stop at any time without penalty or loss of benefits to which you are entitled. If you withdraw your consent, no new information will be gathered about you after that date. Information that has already been gathered will be retained. If you choose to withdraw, please email with your request.

Once you join, your membership could last indefinitely or could be ended at any time without your permission. For example if:

  • The Elligo Patient Registry concludes
  • You do not agree with consent updates


You may benefit from opportunities to learn about your health, contribute to research on health and disease, and help improve health for future generations.

Risks & Alternatives

Elligo Patient Registry poses no known physical risks to you. Your alternative to joining Elligo Patient Registry is to not join.

Costs & Payment

There are no costs to you to join Elligo Patient Registry. You will not be paid for joining Elligo Patient Registry.

How will you protect my privacy?

Privacy is a top priority. We’ll protect you by:

  • Keeping data in a secure, encrypted system with restricted access
  • Complying with applicable state and federal laws that protects the privacy and security of your health information

There is always a risk that someone could get unauthorized access. In the unlikely event that this happens, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. Read more about our  Privacy Policy.

What data will I share and how will it be used?

You will have the option to share information related to your health with Elligo Patient Registry, such as medical history and medications taken.

Your data may be used to:

  • Notify you about opportunities and updates
  • Determine your eligibility and assist with your enrollment and participation in clinical research opportunities
  • Improve the Elligo Patient Registry

Who will access my data and in what form?

Employees of Elligo Health Research and organizations doing work on our behalf (e.g. technology vendors) may use your data in accordance with the data usage policies outlined in this consent.